A Digital Marketing Dilemma

Adding marketing technologies to your workflow will not magically grow your business. To benefit from your digital marketing activities, you need to truly know your target audience, understand how they think and reason, and tailor a digital marketing strategy fit for your business.

Not a Quick Fix

Many organizations implement different digital technologies in their marketing efforts, hoping that it will bring in new leads, more revenue, and build a stronger brand. If that were the solution, you would be able to solve the marketing puzzle with digital technology. However, digital technology in itself is simply a means to quickly and more efficiently display your messages, measure marketing activities, and allow your contacts to get in touch in different ways.

Lack of Customer Connection

While having a digital presence today is critical for most businesses to attract new and nurture existing customer relationships, the challenge of achieving growth through digital marketing often lies in the lack of customer connection. As HBR writes, “… since gutting ad budgets has thrown the media industry into crisis, you have less and less competition from actual journalists, which makes it easier to get people to look at your mediocre content instead.”

Not only is there a risk of watering down a brand or losing relevant buyers with content that misses the mark, but marketing is also too often focused on their organization. They miss connecting the value they offer to their target audience well enough. This misalignment shows in inside-out crafted marketing content and the wrong messaging to the wrong target audience group. Misaligned customer connection also shows in sales pitches that focus on explaining how the product or service solves an expressed need instead of focusing on selling results. The worst part might be when sales and marketing are misaligned with each other and tell the customer completely different stories.

Closing the Gap to Your Customers

Instead, knowing your target audience will help you persuade them that your offering brings the best results. There are several ways to pin down who your target audience is and how they reason about your type of offering, including:

  • Surveying your sales force and customer service team.
  • Interviewing your customers.
  • Researching industry thought-leadership.

Digital Marketing Fit for Your Business

Once you know your target audience, you can find their digital behavior and connect with them online. You can develop a digital marketing strategy that presents the right message through the relevant channels when you know how your target audience thinks and argue about your offering and how they move online. Since marketing technology is available to all organizations, the key is to use the right digital tools that work for your audience and business model.

Digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all. Only after you figure out how to connect with your customers online—by communicating the right message to the right audience and in the right channels—you can expect to see a more significant impact from your digital marketing efforts.