How to Be Effective in Your Daily Marketing as a Small Business

In a small business, marketing work is often performed by someone who has some time left over, not necessarily someone with a marketing education or experience. Not having marketing skills to drive revenue and brand recognition leaves an opportunity to chance. In some cases, this works well, and in others, it does not. However, there are a few things that can help to ensure your marketing becomes more effective and grows both your brand and revenue.

When Your Marketing Efforts Are Not Generating the Desired Impact

Often, marketing messages are a bit scattered, not directed to the right target audience, and written from an inside-out perspective. When your message is not clear or relevant to the reader, it is hindering your target audience from understanding the value of your offering and feel compelled to buy from you. People also create their own understanding of what your brand represents when it is not clearly communicated.

Understand Your Context

If you spend your time on the right marketing activities and use the right messages to the right audience, you become more productive and can move marketing from a cost to a profit center.

For a small business, the key to being effective in your daily marketing and drive revenue and brand growth is:

  1. Know your business, goals, and target audience.
  2. Align your story and sales and branding arguments with the sales and customer service teams.
  3. Stay consistent with your brand.
  4. Set a marketing mix fit for your business strategy.
  5. Set expectations for each marketing activity and measure the outcome.

Find What Works

The most important information to base your marketing on is collected in a marketing platform and used in your daily marketing efforts. The marketing platform takes a couple of days to piece together, and once you have decided on it, your marketing activities will go a lot smoother, and your efforts will yield more impact. Marketing is about finding what works, not making something up that you think might work.